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You and you alone create your tomorrows.

Nothing can occur that you have not called to yourself. You, and you alone, are completely responsible for the quality of your experience of each moment. No one is doing anything to you.  If you want to attract beings who will support you and love you, decide to be a being who supports and loves yourself. Thank only loving thoughts.  Learn to master forgiveness. Dare to follow your heart! Celebrate life! Do what brings you joy!  

'My Father has set the table before me, and every being and blade of grass is here to support my enjoyment of God!'   (The Way of Knowing)

As you cultivate that kind of discipline, your life will change, it cannot help but change.  The universe responds to the vibrational quality that you are emitting from the radio station of your own mind.




I already find myself thinking and feeling so differently that it is easy to not only cope with myself but to extend myself so much more readily toward others. Remarkably, since the regression, I got rid of the recurring nightmare I have had all my life. It's now time to get on with the present.
I have come to think of you as a friend Sandra, and a very dear one. I only met you the one time but you have stayed me with all these years. You are a very special lady and I am so glad you touched my life. I am much richer for it and I know you will do the same for many others ( & still for me too). In friendship, appreciation and admiration,
— Love, Jan

Kirkus Discoveries Review

An ode—and even a bit of a passport—to living a mindful life.

D'Angelo counsels that we take a moment to reflect upon ourselves, shake off inhibitions, give received opinions a pass and take a breath. A deep breath, a whole chorus of them, and relax, find some balance. Her book starts as dawn breaks: You awake, take those breaths, concentrate on awareness.   

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Wonderful step for mankind....