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My Dear Sandra: I am so glad that our lives have crossed and in such a remarkable way. Ever since our first meeting I have felt a special closeness to you, very comfortable and at ease. I feel I can trust you and I do. You have helped me discover a new self awareness, confidence to allow the new me to emerge, or should I say the old Glen to resurrect. This is so refreshing. The tools you offered are so practical and I can apply them to my daily living. I cannot thank you enough to giving me back my own life.
— Glen Clarke

Kirkus Discoveries Review

An ode—and even a bit of a passport—to living a mindful life.

D'Angelo counsels that we take a moment to reflect upon ourselves, shake off inhibitions, give received opinions a pass and take a breath. A deep breath, a whole chorus of them, and relax, find some balance. Her book starts as dawn breaks: You awake, take those breaths, concentrate on awareness.   

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Wonderful step for mankind....