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Sandra Bradley aka D'Angelo

A Brief Biography

...We are spiritual beings here having a human experience." – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

D'Angelo - of the angels - is Sandra's mother's maiden name. It is Sandra's signature when she writes, paints, and designs. The Chinese do not have a name for 'of the angels'. Her chop translates into 'Ambassadors from the sky'. "I love that we are all ambassadors from the sky, wearing wonderful and diverse space suits. Some spacesuits appear to work better than others".

Sandra was born in Northern Ontario in the middle of the largest game preserve in the world. Her childhood was idyllic. She left this life for boarding school when she was twelve.

She graduated high school at fifteen. At 16 Sandra was a full-time elementary school teacher. At 17 she entered a convent where she felt a call to enter Medical School and become a missionary doctor which was then, the Belgium Congo.  She left the convent before taking her vows and continued her studies in another discipline. She married, had five children in 7 years, and divorced at 30. 

As a single parent of five with no support, Sandra worked as a Teacher, Recruiting Officer for the Federal Government, Media Relations Officer, Consultant, Radio & Television Host, Politician, Psychotherapist, Counselor, Regression Therapist, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Retreat Facilitator, Guest Lecturer, Chef, Gardener, World Traveler. She wanted to experience as much as she could and as quickly as she could.

In the late1970's she found herself a protege of Dr. Andrija Puharich. Sandra was a gifted "Remote Viewer", Channeler, Medium, and Healer but was uncomfortable in the commercial aspect of this and kept this part of her life private, accepting clients through referrals. At 40 she remarried, another child and step-child were added to her already large family. During this period Sandra initiated a weekly World Peace Meditation, as well as The International School for Spiritual Healers, and started The Institute of Comparative Human Thought and Science. 

UNESCO proclaimed 1979 as the International Year of the Child and her eldest son asked "What are we going to do?",  They sold and gave away everything they owned and they all moved to Twin Valley's School, an alternative to the penal system for young offenders. The following year she and her family were invited to Edmonton, Alberta to create a healing center for young aboriginal street youth. She co-founded Barnabas Center, a safe drug and alcohol-free refuge, learning and treatment center for all street youth.

In 1984 Sandra was nominated and ran as a Federal Member of Parliament. Her party, which was in power at the time, came to a crushing defeat. Just not her Karma to be a politician at this time. She moved her family to Victoria B.C.

She became the Canadian Coordinator for Earth Day Canada in 1990. The following year she was hired as the Executive Director of The Victoria Native Friendship Center. At that time Sandra also became the first Canadian coordinator for Humanity's Team. Felled by a minor car accident, she was immobilized for a period of time. Divorced (again), a new door opened.

Sandra returned to her passion—sharing A Course in Miracles and The Way of Mastery. As a Vipassana meditator, she mentored and offered tools to those who were ready and open to hearing their own Voice. 

Always a student, ever a teacher, Sandra assists those that are willing and ready to find that spaciousness within themselves to allow that Voice within them that is eternally connected to Source, to be the vehicle through which they receive their guidance. Acknowledging that the only purpose we all have in human form is to be the extension of Love, she guides those that are ready into holy relationships.

Sandra recognizes that her present journey is the most important journey—there is only now. "I am learning how to live so I can know how to die".

Her desire is to awaken in others what they too already know.

Sandra lives between Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and Victoria, British Columbia.