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Kirkus Discoveries Review

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An ode—and even a bit of a passport—to living a mindful life.

D'Angelo counsels that we take a moment to reflect upon ourselves, shake off inhibitions, give received opinions a pass and take a breath. A deep breath, a whole chorus of them, and relax, find some balance. Her book starts as dawn breaks: You awake, take those breaths, concentrate on awareness.   

How will you conduct yourself today? Will you be a stooge—to the media, to authority, to a life lived without examination—or will you be guided by fellow-feeling, peace, delicacy, empathy, love? In writing that is like a gentling hand—a bit of the counterculture, some Eastern philosophy, a soupçon of the more kindly and gracious aspects of organized religions, even a shot of classical physics—she shows readers ways to be attentive to how we are players in our mood and worldview, and how we can act, individually and in concert, to help create more joy in the everyday. This may be as simple as taking those balancing breaths so that you sally forth with composure, or be conscious of what you eat and where it came from, or scrutinize the actions of governments; to live peacefully, open to wonder and miracle. About us, she avers, there is "something that is all permeating," something more than evident, and that something—call it what you will; D'Angelo doesn't insist on God—conveys a sense of purpose.

The themes of walking lightly, lovingly and alive in the world, questioning self-appointed—or any other—authority, living in the present,are well wrought.Despite wormholes, D'Angelo is a force for good. Guidance in that direction should never go begging.

D'Angelo - Sandra Bradley

How to Save the World and Still Be Home for Dinner
iUniverse (148 pp.) $14.95 paperback
August 2, 2007 ISBN: 978-0-595-43615-6

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